You’ve got questions – so do we!

Questions. When we meet together, we begin by asking questions – lots of them. Why? Because it’s your life, your money, your plan, and it’s your adventure. We’re your Guide in what you may think of as unchartered territory. We know every aspect of retirement, but we won’t know what’s best until we really understand what is most important to you.

Three initial meetings

We typically will meet 3-4 times before providing a recommendation and plan for you and your family. Through these conversations, we provide you with a financial education to empower you to make informed decisions now and in the future.

Financial Health Report

We will look through all your current financial holdings, and provide you with the following information:

  • How much money you’ve been making (or losing)
  • Understanding what you own and what it does
  • How much risk and volatility you are accepting currently
  • What you are paying in fees
  • What you are paying in taxes
  • What affect the stock market may have on your future

Lifetime Income Plan

We feel that everyone should have a Lifetime Income Plan. This plan should address the following important issues faced in retirement:

  • How to maximize Social Security *
  • How much income you can count on every year of your life
  • How much income your spouse will have when you die
  • The effect of Required Minimum Distributions from your IRA accounts
  • Which assets to draw from first for tax efficiency
  • The best way to leave assets to your loved ones and charitable organizations

Implementation comes last

After you have a thorough understanding of how it all works, then you will decide what to do. If you choose to implement our recommendations, our team handles the entire on-boarding process.

Ongoing meetings

When you become a client, we will meet as often as necessary, but at least once per year. The plans we build for you are designed with flexibility to adjust with the changing needs of your life.

* See our Legal Page for more information